Monday, January 10, 2011

Rave of the Day "twofer"

Okay I am back and cannot believe first that I haven't blogged in days...and that my next one would be a ROTD. Good news is that my camera battery works, bad news is I wanted to do a Look of the Day and I looked like poo. My skin is shot right now and am trying new things that I will talk about when I have given it enough time. Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy


This is my new little corner of love in my kitchen. I got a Keurig Platinum for Christmas!!!! Dream come true! I could not shut up about this thing for weeks only to find that my husband had bought it for me. I LOVE IT! It is very convenient. I do not waste coffee anymore but making too much in a pot. It only takes seconds to make. It came with a variety pack(which I think they all do) and I received another box of Butter Toffee flavored coffee from Gloria Jeans brand. I also received a filter for my own coffee grounds. I highly recommend it to save money of buying K-Cups all the time. My mother in law got me the carousel that holds the K-Cups, well as some tea with cute tea pot and matching mugs. Basically after this was all set up, I stared at it for a long time. I am still in awe of it I must say. 
Now if you are looking to purchase one it is on the pricey side. I know that the Platinum costs $169.99....ouch. I would still have tried to save up for it if it had not been a gift. There are several different versions as well. I also know that some other brands make their own single cup coffee makers, and am not sure of pricing. I have also been looking at different stores to see the price difference and selection of K-Cups. So far the cheapest has been Woodmans, although they only have 12 packs whereas everywhere else has 18 packs for a few bucks more. Also, the selection at Woodmans has been the best. They're the only place I have seen with the iced tea K-Cups so far.

 Ok, so these are just something pretty simple but I love it. Basically today I went to Target to get some makeup remover wipes, and of course I had to walk to entire store also hehe. So I was walking around and found that they had changed where they have the storage bins and whatnot. I found on the end cap these really cute containers for girl and boy rooms. The one pictured(hearts) is in the smallest size. I thought what a great container for my nail stuff. Well, when I got home it turns out that I have more nail stuff than I thought. I even threw stuff out and no it is still too small. So for the time being it is holding my hair stuff(rollers, headbands, clips, etc.) I am not sure if that will be its permanent use yet. They had four different sizes and I hope they still do when I go back to get a bigger one for my nails stuff hehehe. 

The other thing I got was the pink box with the Eiffel Towers on it. This was in the section where they have all the cutsie gift stuff. This is a gift box, as well as the Hello Kitty one next to it(which I already owned), but I am using it to store the makeup I have that cannot be put in the drawers I have for makeup such a lip-gloss(I have too many to fit in a drawer) and liquid eyeliner and such. They can be for anything really. They are great because they are so cute and are great storage and do not take up a lot of room. 

Heart storage container smallest size was $2.24
Eiffel Tower gift box was $1.00

So that is all I have for now. I wanted to say really quickly the reason I have not been here in a few days is that I am dealing with some stuff that I would not like to write about. It has not been the only thing on my mind, but it does distract me from those other things. That is why I am glad to have ROTD and LOTD. They are a reminder that I still get to talk and think about the things that I love while dealing with other issues.


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