Monday, January 30, 2012

January Favorites

I must say this month feels like it has draggggggged. No kidding. My husband and I started the official house hunt on January 2, and we have seen so much and finally on our fourth offer on a home, we were accepted! 
Now because of the very stressful month it has been, I did not do much. I tried out a couple new things, but did not really have the time to enjoy makeup. I seriously hardly wore any, aside from mascara(which I cannot go without)

I love this mascara!!! I feel like I say that about every mascara...I do not. Anyways, at a recent trip to Sephora I decided to try this out. So I got the "a little bit" size, basically a deluxe sample size. It was $9, the regular size it $18 or 19...I do not remember really. I have NEVER spent that much on a mascara, let alone a sample size. Well I am glad I did because I love it! I love how big the applicator is and it separates well. I also like that it is easy to layer it without clumping like crazy.
I went to Bath and Body Works right after Christmas and oh em gee do they have great after holiday sales! I went two days in a row and went kind of crazy. But I could not believe the deals they had. I got the full 8oz Secret Wonderland Body Cream for only $3! And it smells sooooooooo good.
Again a Bath and Body Works product :) I love the scent of this and so cannot explain it. It is fresh and floral but not overwhelming. Now there is a bottle that is a yellowish color also called Country Chic, but they are not the same. I got the 3 oz bottle for $2.
Crown Brush's Concealer Palette. I love it really. I love having the wider range of colors all together. It has a great creamy formula. So glad I got in the Hautelook haul I did.
WOW. This show is great. Again...THANK YOU NETFLIX! I love the dialogue and it has a great story. I will be all caught up before I know it!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crown Brush Haul from Hautelook

About a month ago, I saw a tweet from YouTube beauty guru xsparkage, that said Hautelook was having a HUGE sale of Crown Brush products. I was curious to see about this, especially since I get Hautelook emails every day, but must have just deleted it. Thank goodness for Twitter, because when I saw the prices there was no way I could pass this sale up! Crown Brush products are already at a great discount, but Hautelook really sweetened the deal with their sale.

Hautelook said I would not be getting this package until January 6. I was very impatient! hahaha.
So here are the goodies that I got!
Sorry about the focus on this. I just could not get it right :( anyways, this is the 5 piece perfectly pink brush set. This set is a Hautelook exclusive. Xsparkage actually recommended these, saying she uses these and loves them. So, not really knowing much about the quality brushes, took her word for it. Type from left to right: PP15-Oval Fluff, PP13-Blending Fluff, PP18-Deluxe Round Crease, PP11-Taklon Angled Liner, and PP20-Angled Brow. Hautelook Price: $8, normally $24.55

R105-Deluxe Retractable Lip Brush. Hautelook Price: $3.50, Crown Brush price: $4.10, Retail: $10.25
10 Color Concealer Palette. Hautelook price: $12, Crown Brush price: $16.95, Retail: $42.50
10 Color Blush Palette. Hautelook price: $12, Crown Brush price: $15.95, Retail: $39.88
32 Color Lip Palette. Hautelook price: $13, Crown Brush price: $18.95, Retail: $47.50

So in all I spent $48.50 and shipping was $4.95. I consider this a great deal.
I am so glad I made this purchase because I really needed a wider variety of colors, especially for when I am doing other people's makeup. I would recommend becoming a member of Hautelook just to get emails for these deals. From what I understand, they do Crown Brush sales a lot. Or you can just check out and see what they have to offer. I wanted to do this post before using the makeup for picture purposes(sorry about the flash, it is a crappy camera), but I did use the Blending Fluff and Oval Fluff brush, and they are great quality, so I highly recommend them.
Any other questions about the products, just ask!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Favorites of 2011...FINALLY

Hi lovelies! Yeah I know that it is a week into the new year, but I am finally able to tell you about my favorites of 2011(it has been a long week!)

Maybelline One by One Mascara!!! This is the best mascara I have ever tried. I went through three tubes. That is a lot for me considering I hoard mascara and had some others to use up as well he he.
EOS Lip balm. I only own two(Summer Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet) They have lasted forever. And they are so cute. That is why I had to try one. And I love them!
Essence Lip glosses are such a great lip gloss at a great price. I discovered these at Ulta(what took me so long?!) this past year and they are only $2! I have 4, but the labels wear off so easy that I do not know the names of the shades anymore. I also love the nudes line that they have.

NAIL POLISH!!! I have always loved nail polish. but in 2011 is when I really started raving about it. I love trying nail art too. My collection used to be somewhat sad and has definitely improved. I will buy any brand too. I think though the best that I have tried as far as longevity is Orly.
These are gift boxes(except the bottom is for paper but I have a different use for it) from Target in their $1 Hot Spot. I absolutely love these and I actually thought I had more???  I use them for makeup obviously. They are too cute and too hard to pass up when they make such great storage.
ELF Bronzer and Blush Duo. I really this this for two reasons. One is the price. $3. Can't beat that. And Two is because I love the glow these two colors give me. I am on my second compact.
I got this for Christmas of 2010. I loved it so much I was done with it in 6 months. Sure that was only half the year, but I loved it so. I NEED MORE!
I will never understand how or why it took me long to see this show. At the start of 2011, it was already in the middle of Season 2. Shame on me! I love musicals and this is my fix!
This store is the most wonderful thing ever. It is accessory heaven. If you do not have one near you, I am so so sorry :-(
 Wow the year went by so fast. Did it feel that way for anyone else? 

In this year I plan to post more. I know I have said that a couple times already, but of course those plans were made during the busiest time of the year.

I hope for only good things to come for us all!