Friday, January 28, 2011

Love it or Leave it: Dry Shampoo (pt. 2)

Hello readers! Sorry it has taken me so long to do part 2 of this review. I have had the product I will be talking about for 2 weeks now. It did not take me that long to figure out whether or not I like it. I have just had a lot on my plate. But here I am finally able to share with you what I think of the product shown.

This my friends is mark. Mega Volume Next Day Spray. mark. of course is a brand of AVON products, which yes I do sell at the moment.(I actually have more to talk about pertaining AVON, but that will be posted at a later time) I want everyone to know that I bought this product on my own. I was not paid to advertise this product, or any other AVON product I may talk about.
Okay, now that "legal" issues are out of the way(hahaha)...
So I actually came across this with the intention of just buying some new hair stuff. When I run out of things, I always like to try another brand or product to give it a chance. Unless I really like it and cannot do without it of course. Anyway, I was looking through mark. hair products. I have used their Curl Goddess products before and was looking to try their Mega Volume products. Well, that was when I came across this stuff. I thought "Next day it really supposed to used for the next day?" Why yes it is.'s description is as follows : Refresh hair between shampooing, helps remove build-up and reduces the appearance of oil

So, do I love it or would I leave it?
This is a great product! I love how it smells, which is the same as the Curl Goddess products, so I already knew I would. It is a spritz bottle, unlike Tressemme's continuous spray can. That means though, that is it a more "wet" formula. The good part about that is that it does not leave nasty gray and white dandruff looking stuff on your hair or clothes. You basically hold it about 6 inches from your head and spray onto your root area and run it through with your fingers or a comb. 
I want to note that I have used this product two different ways. First, I used it according to the directions on the bottle. It took a minute or so to dry, and I felt relief when my hair had felt pretty much like I had shampooed it. However, I was a little unhappy to see that it only seemed to last about 8 hours. So, I guess depending on what you have planned that day, you may want to think about when to apply it. Second, I used it right after getting out of the shower. I know, I know it is for the next day. Silly me? No. I read customer reviews on the site before buying this because I did not want to waste money on something that was going to get me the same results as the other stuff. One of the first customers in the review section said to try it right after showering and washing your hair, and that the next day your hair would still feel clean. She was very right. I tried it once and that was all it took. I do also use just a spray or two the next day in case I did not use enough the day before. I would even recommend just doing the second option from the beginning.
Here is a little testimony from me: I went to a concert two days ago. I was up from about 5 in the morning, busy busy busy at the concert location and did not get home until about midnight. Yesterday would have been the day to not shampoo my hair, and it looked great. Even my husband said my hair looked good and asked if I did anything to do it. I said "yeah, it is called not washing it." hahahaha

Okay, so yes the product can only be bought from or from a representative(gee do you know any? hehehe) The cost of it is $6 and it is a 6 fl. oz size bottle. It is a dollar more than the other product, but think of how expensive other sprays and powders that do the same thing may cost. $$$$$$$$ That may be an exaggeration, but I am not about to spend $20-$50 on something to not have to wash my hair ya know?
I hope that this was helpful to you ladies out there looking for a quick fix. This stuff works!

Please read my next blog that I mentioned will have some info on AVON that I would like to address. It should be coming up in the next couple days.

Until next time, keep smiling! :D

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