Monday, January 31, 2011

Look of the Day: Feeling Dressy on a Casual Date Night

Well I have finally, after weeks of mentioning it, followed through and created a "Look of the Day" entry! I had been meaning to a week ago only to realize that I deleted the pictures from my camera thinking I had already uploaded them to the computer. Oopsie hehe. 

So me and the hubby went on a date night this past Friday which consisted of dinner and a movie(awww). Dinner was at a Thai restaurant name Thai Season. We love Thai food and have our usual spot, but we are always willing to try another place. And yet, nothing matches it. In other words, this place was not as good. It tasted good, but there was nothing about it that would make us choose it again over our fave place, which is called Taste of Thai. The movie we saw was Black Swan(finally!) Such an outstanding movie. I love Natalie Portman to begin with, and this film surpassed my expectations. You must watch it!

Now on to the good stuff....

The face and hair
For the face I wanted a natural look. I was all about gold and pink this night so I applied a pink gold eyeshadow all over the lid with a darker metallic brown in the crease and winged out a little. I used a cream colored shadow for the highlight shade and the inner corner of the eye. I then used a brown cream eyeliner on the top and lower lash line. Then I added brown liquid liner to the outer half of my upper lash line and slightly winged it out. I also used a small amount of brown pencil liner on my lower water line. Brownish black volumizing mascara was used to complete the eyes. For my lips I used a nude lipstick with a sheer pink lip gloss. I used a touch of bronzer, blush, and the same cream colored shadow that was used on my eyes to highlight my cheek bones.

In this photo you can see more the definition of the liquid eyeliner and the winged out effect. I chose to wear my hair natural this day, which is wavy/curly. I was not liking how it was turning out, so I did turn to my curling iron for some help. I defined the curls and used a light hairspray to keep their shape.
It may be a tad difficult to see here, but I twisted my bangs to the side.

 The clothes
This is just a basic(yet cute) cardigan that I purchased from Old Navy(on clearance!) a while back. I love love love it. It is so comfortable and looked slimming on me(yay :]) I folded the cuffs at the end of sleeve because they were too long on me. I wore a white tank top underneath, dark blue skinny jeans, and a pair of metallic gold flats.(which all happened to be clearance items. How do I get so lucky? oh and they were bought at different times)

This is the thing about the sweater that sold me. I love this look with the ruffled flowers and finally own a piece that has it! So happy :]
I also purchased this necklace from Old Navy and it was also on clearance. The bow is a suede material. The rest is a cluster of pearls and jewels with a gold chain tassel. This necklace inspired my makeup for this night. Other jewelry worn was just some simple pearl earrings.

I have to tell you it was fun putting this look together. Our date nights are not few and far between, but I love the feeling of getting dressed up(even if it is casual looking) for such an occasion. It is a reminder that just because I am married, does not mean I cannot try and look good for a date. Actually, I like looking good for any reason. People might think I am trying to look fancy for nothing, but I just do not see it that way. It makes me happy to take the time to look nice. Do not get me wrong though. I love not doing it too. You just have those days where you could care less hahaha.

Well I really hope to continue doing these from time to time. I do have another entry segment that I started working on today called "Copycat" which is me trying to copy a look I see in a magazine or online or wherever really. I am happy with it so far :]

Oh and I lied. I was supposed to talk about AVON, but that will be in the next entry.

Until next time, keep smiling! :D

Friday, January 28, 2011

Love it or Leave it: Dry Shampoo (pt. 2)

Hello readers! Sorry it has taken me so long to do part 2 of this review. I have had the product I will be talking about for 2 weeks now. It did not take me that long to figure out whether or not I like it. I have just had a lot on my plate. But here I am finally able to share with you what I think of the product shown.

This my friends is mark. Mega Volume Next Day Spray. mark. of course is a brand of AVON products, which yes I do sell at the moment.(I actually have more to talk about pertaining AVON, but that will be posted at a later time) I want everyone to know that I bought this product on my own. I was not paid to advertise this product, or any other AVON product I may talk about.
Okay, now that "legal" issues are out of the way(hahaha)...
So I actually came across this with the intention of just buying some new hair stuff. When I run out of things, I always like to try another brand or product to give it a chance. Unless I really like it and cannot do without it of course. Anyway, I was looking through mark. hair products. I have used their Curl Goddess products before and was looking to try their Mega Volume products. Well, that was when I came across this stuff. I thought "Next day it really supposed to used for the next day?" Why yes it is.'s description is as follows : Refresh hair between shampooing, helps remove build-up and reduces the appearance of oil

So, do I love it or would I leave it?
This is a great product! I love how it smells, which is the same as the Curl Goddess products, so I already knew I would. It is a spritz bottle, unlike Tressemme's continuous spray can. That means though, that is it a more "wet" formula. The good part about that is that it does not leave nasty gray and white dandruff looking stuff on your hair or clothes. You basically hold it about 6 inches from your head and spray onto your root area and run it through with your fingers or a comb. 
I want to note that I have used this product two different ways. First, I used it according to the directions on the bottle. It took a minute or so to dry, and I felt relief when my hair had felt pretty much like I had shampooed it. However, I was a little unhappy to see that it only seemed to last about 8 hours. So, I guess depending on what you have planned that day, you may want to think about when to apply it. Second, I used it right after getting out of the shower. I know, I know it is for the next day. Silly me? No. I read customer reviews on the site before buying this because I did not want to waste money on something that was going to get me the same results as the other stuff. One of the first customers in the review section said to try it right after showering and washing your hair, and that the next day your hair would still feel clean. She was very right. I tried it once and that was all it took. I do also use just a spray or two the next day in case I did not use enough the day before. I would even recommend just doing the second option from the beginning.
Here is a little testimony from me: I went to a concert two days ago. I was up from about 5 in the morning, busy busy busy at the concert location and did not get home until about midnight. Yesterday would have been the day to not shampoo my hair, and it looked great. Even my husband said my hair looked good and asked if I did anything to do it. I said "yeah, it is called not washing it." hahahaha

Okay, so yes the product can only be bought from or from a representative(gee do you know any? hehehe) The cost of it is $6 and it is a 6 fl. oz size bottle. It is a dollar more than the other product, but think of how expensive other sprays and powders that do the same thing may cost. $$$$$$$$ That may be an exaggeration, but I am not about to spend $20-$50 on something to not have to wash my hair ya know?
I hope that this was helpful to you ladies out there looking for a quick fix. This stuff works!

Please read my next blog that I mentioned will have some info on AVON that I would like to address. It should be coming up in the next couple days.

Until next time, keep smiling! :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love it or Leave it: Dry Shampoo (pt. 1)

Hello all. This is one of new little segments that I would like to call "Love It or Leave It" It is simply a review process that will mainly be on beauty products. I realize that Rave of the Day may be similar, but really that is about something that I discover at a bargain or just something I found that is really cool. This is about things that I have wanted to try out for the first time because I hear about it through ads or other people, and what I think of it.  And hey, maybe all these ideas won't stick and I will stop. So please bear with my experiments. They help me grow.
I would like to denote that just because a product does not satisfy me, does not mean every other person gets the same results.

This my friends would be Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. I kept seeing commercials for this line and thought "hmm I may want to try that". I have heard time and time again that it is bad to wash your hair everyday. Yeah, well I have thin hair that gets oily overnight, especially because of the products that I put in it. It happens to everyone. So, what better thing to do than for Tresemme to make a dry shampoo line because it is affordable...ew isn't that part of their slogan? There are also I think 2 other products to choose from. One being a foam dry shampoo for curly hair and a finishing spray. Now I do have curly/wavy hair naturally, but I tend to have the oiliness when I straighten it. In fact, sometimes when I leave my hair natural, it looks better the second day.  
So, I bought the one for straight/oily hair to normal hair it and I must say..... LEAVE IT!
It does not work for me at all. The first time I used it, it seemed to work fine. My hair felt a little bit sticky, but I figured it was supposed to be that way to set in. However, the next time I used it, it only made my hair feel worse. Unfortunately, I had already showered and did not have time to do so again to wash my hair before heading out for my day. It made my hair feel super oily and yet sticky. I also noticed gray flaky stuff was on my shoulders and parts of my hair. I thought maybe I did not use it properly and that would be the reason for the flakes, but come on! It is supposed to absorb the oil in your hair to keep your hair looking clean. Yeah not so much.
Keep in mind that this will not be the result for everyone. If you have thick hair, it may work for you. Just watch out for the flaking because it looks gross. 
And that is why I say LEAVE IT. Save your $5 for something better.
If you notice in the title, this is a part one entry. I have purchased another product that has the same purpose, but it will not arrive until this weekend. I am hoping for better results. Do not worry, it is not expensive and it will not be a secret for long.

Until next time, keep smiling. Best beauty advice ever. :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rave of the Day "twofer"

Okay I am back and cannot believe first that I haven't blogged in days...and that my next one would be a ROTD. Good news is that my camera battery works, bad news is I wanted to do a Look of the Day and I looked like poo. My skin is shot right now and am trying new things that I will talk about when I have given it enough time. Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy


This is my new little corner of love in my kitchen. I got a Keurig Platinum for Christmas!!!! Dream come true! I could not shut up about this thing for weeks only to find that my husband had bought it for me. I LOVE IT! It is very convenient. I do not waste coffee anymore but making too much in a pot. It only takes seconds to make. It came with a variety pack(which I think they all do) and I received another box of Butter Toffee flavored coffee from Gloria Jeans brand. I also received a filter for my own coffee grounds. I highly recommend it to save money of buying K-Cups all the time. My mother in law got me the carousel that holds the K-Cups, well as some tea with cute tea pot and matching mugs. Basically after this was all set up, I stared at it for a long time. I am still in awe of it I must say. 
Now if you are looking to purchase one it is on the pricey side. I know that the Platinum costs $169.99....ouch. I would still have tried to save up for it if it had not been a gift. There are several different versions as well. I also know that some other brands make their own single cup coffee makers, and am not sure of pricing. I have also been looking at different stores to see the price difference and selection of K-Cups. So far the cheapest has been Woodmans, although they only have 12 packs whereas everywhere else has 18 packs for a few bucks more. Also, the selection at Woodmans has been the best. They're the only place I have seen with the iced tea K-Cups so far.

 Ok, so these are just something pretty simple but I love it. Basically today I went to Target to get some makeup remover wipes, and of course I had to walk to entire store also hehe. So I was walking around and found that they had changed where they have the storage bins and whatnot. I found on the end cap these really cute containers for girl and boy rooms. The one pictured(hearts) is in the smallest size. I thought what a great container for my nail stuff. Well, when I got home it turns out that I have more nail stuff than I thought. I even threw stuff out and no it is still too small. So for the time being it is holding my hair stuff(rollers, headbands, clips, etc.) I am not sure if that will be its permanent use yet. They had four different sizes and I hope they still do when I go back to get a bigger one for my nails stuff hehehe. 

The other thing I got was the pink box with the Eiffel Towers on it. This was in the section where they have all the cutsie gift stuff. This is a gift box, as well as the Hello Kitty one next to it(which I already owned), but I am using it to store the makeup I have that cannot be put in the drawers I have for makeup such a lip-gloss(I have too many to fit in a drawer) and liquid eyeliner and such. They can be for anything really. They are great because they are so cute and are great storage and do not take up a lot of room. 

Heart storage container smallest size was $2.24
Eiffel Tower gift box was $1.00

So that is all I have for now. I wanted to say really quickly the reason I have not been here in a few days is that I am dealing with some stuff that I would not like to write about. It has not been the only thing on my mind, but it does distract me from those other things. That is why I am glad to have ROTD and LOTD. They are a reminder that I still get to talk and think about the things that I love while dealing with other issues.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rave of the Day(first one yay)

Sooooo I wanted to post my first ever "Look of the Day", which will be pics of a look(make-up usually) I did that said day. This won't be every day. It is just something I want to try. Any who, my camera battery died and my phone camera is deciding to make me look either deathly pale or like I have put on tons of tanning lotion. It's gross either way. However, another thing I would like to do is called "Rave of the Day" which basically will be something new that I love, whether it be make-up, clothes, anything I guess. Yeah...that is my explanation. Hope it makes sense.

Pictured above is this new foundation I am trying out. It is Rimmel's Stay Matte Clarifying Matte Foundation. Now, I am a girl who has not used liquid foundation in years because I have hated it. I was younger and did not know how to pick out the right color for my skin. Plus, I always thought I really did not need it. Then I tried a friends Bare Minerals starter kit to see if it actually did what it said. Well, it does. I loved it and still do. However, I am out of the foundation and cannot seem to bite the bullet and buy more. Plus, from what I have learned, mineral products like foundation and concealer do not ALWAYS look better. Anyways, about this product. I love it. It is a great color for my skin. In the picture it does look yellowish but like I said, my camera on my phone is being a jerk. It is in 200 Soft Beige. It is a very smooth formula. It has what Rimmel calls their Skinpure Complex which is to help your complexion and helps soothe sensitive skin. I do not know if that is what is helping my face look good, but it does. I have pink skin, so this color helps reduce that. It also is supposed to last 12 hours. I have not been paying attention to that detail so who knows. I bought it at Target for $6.49

The next product was just a great find. It is Maybelline's Great Lash BIG Mascara in Brownish Black. Great Lash is one of Maybelline's basic mascara lines. I used to use it all the time and then just stopped I don't know why really. Well, as usual, during my trips to Target, I always stop by the clearance where the beauty products are. Yeah I got this stuff for $3! SCORE! Normally it is a $6 product. Very inexpensive, but you cannot pass up a 1/2 off deal. This is the "BIG" kind, which has a bigger applicator and is a volumizing formula. Again, product was a Target, $3 on clearance.

Well, there we are for today. I hope this little segment of my blog goes well. I love to talk about these things so why not right? Oh and my Look of the Day was really just a natural look with brown and tan shadow and a sheer pink gloss to add shine to my lips. Since it was nothing too spectacular I guess it doesn't matter if I posted it or not :/

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Year of the Brunette

I have to say this is the bestest most favoritest color I've ever done. I never want to go back! Until I get bored of it that is.... he he he.
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