Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails: Simple Polkadots

Hey loves! Valentine's Day is approaching! I know not everyone is excited about this, but I do not think it needs to be about love with a significant other. It can be fun for other reasons and that is makeup and nails! 

So I decided I want to do two nail looks a week up until Valentine's Day. It is funny that about a year ago I did some V-Day nails as my first attempt at nail art, and simply fell in love. I also thought it would be to start showing the things I am capable of doing(I do not have many supplies, just a lot of polish). I keep it simple, but cute :) I hope you like what I have to show you.

I know this really is simple and maybe the only thing that says Valentine's Day is the colors. But I do enjoy doing polka dots and thought this was a cute look. To add the dots, I used a dotting tool. Sometimes when I do dots, I like them to be random sizes and placed randomly as well. In this case, I wanted it to look more uniform.

These are the polishes I used from start to finish. I used OPI Base Coat. Then on all my nails except for the ring and thumb, I used Orly's Pink Chocolate, which has a cream finish. On the ring and thumb I used Orly's Cotton Candy, also a cream finish. The dots were from Kiss Nail Art Paint in White, used with a dotting tool. I finished it off with OPI Top Coat.
 I hope you enjoy this design. I recommend it if you feel like you cannot do something too complicated. It really is so easy.

I cannot wait to show you my next look in just a few days!

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