Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Favorites

Well all my lovely readers, it has been a crazy month! I have wanted to post about other things, but just have not had the time. Forgive me? ;)

I do not have that much for this month's faves, but just a little something here and there that caught my attention. I will have a faves for the year so expect that in the next week :)
This is mark. Superflip colorkit. I believe if they still have it, it is different eyeshadow colors, but this is the original one. Since I have been so busy, I have not really been playing with my makeup and this is my go-to eyeshadow palette. It has a little of everything from a neutral look to a smoky. The colors are so well pigmented. I also love the other side of the palette, which is lip glosses. 

all I can say is I'M IN LOVE!!! Baby Lips from Maybelline leave my lips so smooth. And they have great flavors too. The first one I purchased was Pink Punch, which at first I did not realize was tinted. It is a very bright pink, and I am glad it actually looks good on me hahaha. I also purchased the Peach Fizz, which is a nude, and Peppermint, which is a clear one. Plus, it was a great price at only about $3. It is by far the best tinted lip balm I have ever tried. *Runs off to by more*
This is Bath and Body Works's anti-bacterial hand lotion in Winter Candy Apple, which of course is one of their holiday scents. I received a bottle of this as a gift at the start of the month. Oh my goodness it smells so good! I always need to have lotion in my purse, especially in these colder months and this is perfect. Nearly half the bottle is gone. LOVE IT!

You must read this book! SOOOOOO GOOD! I am about only half way through the second book because of being so busy, but I read this in about 3 days with interruptions. Otherwise, I could have read this in one day. Seriously, it is only about $7 at Walmart or Target. Go get it!

  Honestly, I had a hard time with favorites for this month. My mind has been all over the place with the holidays, that I hardly had time to enjoy anything else hahaha. I do hope that everyone had a wonderful month of December and enjoyed the holidays. I will be back in about a week to post my 2011 faves. Stay tuned!


  1. Great Blog! Would really appreciate it if everyone could spare some of their time to check my beauty blog out..

  2. Wow, those lipsticks/lipglosses/lipbalms (?) or whatever they are look so bringt and eyecatching. They look like they'd smell nice haha!

  3. Jessica- thank you! I am following your blog now!

    Amy- they really are great! and they do smell good too :)

  4. Sorry to bother you again but I've nominated you for the cute blog award. You can check out my post with the rules and stuff on my blog! :)x