Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Favorites

Well here we are! This is the start of something new for me and the blog since I finally decided what to do with it. This won't be me babbling on about why they are my faves though. It will be all pictures.

It is also the start of a new month, meaning that I can tell you all about my favorites from October!
Rimmel Stay Matte liquid foundation in shade 200. e.l.f  Eyeliner and Shadow Stick in Smoke/Black. e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Brown. Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara in Black Shimmer.

John Freida Root Awakening Set


My natural curly hair...with a little help from a curling iron hehe

Speaking of "a little help"... The Wonder Years! Thank you Netflix!

So catchy!

 Well, that was about it for the month of October. Exciting right?


  1. You're back! I have been thinking about making a return to blogs...we shall see. Your October faves are awesome!

  2. Nice! Following from BL

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  3. Thanks Shae! Yes I am back!!!!

  4. Mirna thank you! I am following you on BL and here now! Giveaway entered!

  5. Unfortunately the Rimmel foundation was one of my all time purchase regrets; it broke me out! Nice blog; I am a new follower~ come check out mine if u get a chance!

  6. oh no that is unfortunate :( I am sorry I hate when that happens to me. I am done with that foundation for the winter though. I have dry skin so I do not need to accentuate that ha ha.

    I shall stop on over to your blog. thank you for following! :)

  7. following from beautylish! :)


  8. Here to support! Keep it up! xoxo, Soma